What is holistic healthcare all about?

Holistic Healthcare.  Alternative Therapy.  Lifestyle Medicine.

What does it all mean anyway?  

Let's start with our definition, and take it from there:

Holistic healthcare treats the whole person by understanding that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected; everyone having their own natural balance of each. A holistic practitioner looks beyond the presenting symptoms to identify the root cause of dis-ease or discomfort, using multiple modalities to create a healing environment.

Cool, right?  So, what does that look like in real life?  

Here’s a great example: have you ever snapped at a co-worker, only to realize that you were actually just feeling angry because you had a fight with your partner, spilled your coffee and stubbed your toe before you even left the house?

Yep.  We’ve all been there.  

We are layered, complex beings that experience an incredible amount of thoughts each day (along the lines of 50,000!).  Sometimes it is easy to see the origin of your feelings.  Other times, when we have a whole bunch of experiences, they can get all jumbled together.  

Is it my job?  I can’t sleep at night.  Should I be lifting weights?  I feel nervous all of the time.  Do I make enough money?  I have chronic stomach pains.  Are cleanses good for me?  I feel really sad.  Maybe I should just leave it all and move to Costa Rica?  

See what we mean? Complex.

That’s why we believe in the power of Holistic Healthcare; it heals, it teaches, it transforms.

We look beyond the presenting symptoms (i.e., nerves, insomnia, doubt, low self-esteem) and ask, why are they here?  What are these experiences trying to communicate; is there a trauma or relationship that is unresolved?  do you have self-limiting beliefs? do you feel loved?  

What can we offer you from our holistic practitioner toolbox that will assist you on your journey; counselling and yoga or reiki and nutritional support.  Maybe it is hypnotherapy or an exercise plan.  Perhaps you just need to come in for a consultation and do the rest on your own.  

Ultimately, how can we help you access your own wisdom, so you may heal yourself.   

Want to learn more? Come in for a free consultation.

Next week: How to integrate Holistic Healthcare into Daily Life!