DIY Holistic Healthcare

Building off the ideas we discussed last week—that holistic healthcare teaches you how to deal with the ebb and flow of life—let’s explore ways you can build your own practices, outside of a therapy office or yoga studio.

First off, what makes both of those places special?

There is definitely something magical about grooving in a vinyasa class or letting all of your worries/hopes/fears/dreams come tumbling out to a kind and supportive human.  

But that simple act of connecting with yourself is really where the magic happens; taking time to see how your body is feeling, what your mind is thinking and how your heart is holding it altogether.

Let’s flow with the idea that you are your own self-care specialist.  Where do you begin? 

Start by carving out some time for an initial assessment.  Grab a journal or a pad of paper, write the date, subject and any other notes you find helpful.  Making it “official”, so to speak, can create a sense of importance (cause it can be easy to forget how important we are!).

So, how are you?  Like, really, how are you?  Not the polite response you’d give in an elevator, but the spill-your-guts stuff that you tell your best friend.

Here are a few suggestions, to help you get started:

What’s happening in your body—are you feeling sore? Too many squats? Too much Netflix and chill? Content and happy?

How is your mind—like a rogue carousel that is spinning out of control?  Or kind of like Eeyore?  Perhaps it is smooth, calm and even.

What is your heart telling you—are you clinging to past relationships/people?  Feeling hopeful or excited?  Anxious about the future?  Totally in love?

There sure is a lot to take in.  But hey, we are complex creatures.

When you are finished, sit with yourself for a moment.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths.  How did that feel for you—fun, weird, confusing?

Showing up for yourself can be intimidating, especially if there is a tendency to deal with things later, never or I don’t even know the word :) It is a courageous act to ask yourself what is going on, even more so when you stay around long enough to hear the answer.  

Take a moment to acknowledge how brave you are. You have officially added self-assessment to your holistic healthcare toolbox.  Great work! 

Now that you know where you are—where do you want to go from here?  
The possibilities—and your potential—are limitless. 

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