We Heart Routine.

Ah, the sweet smell of sharpened pencils and crisp paper as the back to school season commences.  September just feels like a fresh start—even if you aren’t transitioning into a new program or job, you can still grab a hold of that momentum to make some positive changes in your life.

Do you remember what summer was like as a kid? Playing all day until dark, staying up late, family vacations and ice cream.  And, then, the excitement of back to school.  Buying school supplies, the anticipation of who would be in your class, packed lunches and of course new clothes!

As adults, we can enjoy the summer mentality all year long.  Woo hoo! Freedom to stay up late, enjoy all of the fun foods and throw caution to the wind.  We’ve all done that a little longer than is necessary.  And then you start to crave a bit of normalcy—just like the kid inside you who rebelled at going back to school but secretly enjoyed the predictability of it all.  Us grown-ups like that too—packing a lunch, going to bed at the same time, exercising regularly, homemade dinners.

And it’s not just because we think we have to—it actually feels good in our bodies and in our brains.  Having consistency with food intake, rest and movement is what sets you up for success.  Maybe your Mom knew what she was talking about after all.

So, what is your current relationship with routine?  Do you embrace it or are you a rebel?

Let’s take a look at some areas we can establish routine: food, rest, exercise.

Nourish Yo’self

Uber Eats.  Need we say more?  It’s so easy (and that’s no coincidence) to get delicious meals delivered to your doorstep. Especially when it’s a thousand degrees outside, the subway took forever, and you just want to relax.  And hey, we love pizza just as much as anyone else, but the key here is balance.  Cooking can literally become non-existent in our society.  How crazy is that?!  

Cooking at home can be a great starting point for creating routine; planning out meals, grocery shopping and doing weekly food prep. These small acts get you back in the kitchen and bringing awareness to how you are nourishing your body.  As the in-house chef, you know exactly what is going into your meals, which means less hidden calories and ingredients.  Certain foods help your body do different things; tomatoes contain lycopene which helps to fight free-radicals, proteins build and repair tissue, healthy fats help your brain to function and transport nutrients to your cells.  Interesting stuff, right?  Knowledge is power friends! 

But homemade meals provide more than just energy for your body. They provide love and warmth.  Food has the power to bring us together; to create memories and experiences that stay with us long after the meal has ended.

Reflection: How do you need to be nourished right now?  

Sleepy Time

Ahh, rest.  It’s an underrated activity!  In our modern society, where constant busyness is considered the norm, getting enough rest can be challenging.  By the time the weekend comes, we can feel so depleted that it’s Netflix and chill for eight hours straight, until we become one with the couch.  Which is great every now and again, but balance for the win!  

When you are in a deep sleep your brain produces Delta waves.  The energetic frequency of Delta waves triggers the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is the body’s natural healing mechanism.  

We are built to repair ourselves!  Getting enough sleep each night can help to keep energy levels consistent, improve bodily functions and mood.  If you’re Sleepless in Seattle every night of the week, your body could be working overtime.  

Reflection: Are you getting enough rest?

Move that Body

Creating a balanced exercise plan—it doesn’t need to be all or nothing—will set your body up for long-term success. 

Even talking about the word exercise can elicit a whole bunch of emotions.  In today’s society it’s common to equate exercise with a certain image or lifestyle. One that you can’t achieve unless you follow this diet or that exercise plan.

Do you know what we think?  That’s a load of hooey!  Exercise is for EVERY BODY.  

You are worthy of feeling good in your body.  And determining what that looks like for you. Maybe it’s dancing in the kitchen or walking your kids to school.  It could be going to a playground or joining a sports league.  Perhaps it’s choosing the stairs or stretching each night.  

Incorporating regular movement into your daily life can help to lower blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight, improve mood and libido and keep your muscles strong and flexible.  And it’s just plain fun.   

Reflection: How does your body want to move?

Many of us think about these things (maybe even worry about them) a lot.  What if you didn’t worry about them because your routine game was on point.

Imagine what you would have space for.  

That’s why we heart routine.

Disclaimer: We are offering up our experiences and opinions which might not resonate with you.  So, when you read this stuff, just remember that you do you, boo.  Take what you like and leave the rest.  Okay? Okay :).