From Roots to Shoots: Sowing the Seeds of Change

Another winter migration has come to an end, with hints of new life starting to poke through the snow-covered grounds before us. Many of the seeds that were scattered across the forest floor in the waning days of Autumn will soon be sprouting buds, vying for the treasured nutrients that will give them a chance to grow alongside their elders—a challenging feat that is equal parts luck, location and perseverance.

Many of our daily experiences can also be personified through nature—death, re-birth, growth—as we adjust to change, welcome a new life into our home, re-imagine a career or say goodbye to a love that wasn’t meant to be. A particularly poignant metaphor is sowing the seeds of change: how our own internal dreams must also be planted, cultivated and given the right environment in order for growth to occur.

Take a moment to reflect on all of the weird, wonderful or wild ideas that have been percolating in your being. How long have they been incubating? Have any made the leap from heart to mind to paper? Which ideas have you seen to fruition?

Perhaps you have heard the term “stages of change”, which is a reference to the behavioural model created by James Prochaska, Professor of Psychology at the University of Rhode Island. He proposes that change is a process that involves progressing through a series of stages, which include:

  • Pre-Contemplation (the seeds are falling)

  • Contemplation (the seed has been planted)

  • Preparation (roots begin to anchor)

  • Action (growth!)

  • Maintenance (light + water please)

  • Termination (fully developed, thank you)

The correlation between humans and nature is a wonder to behold. Creating any kind of transformation in our lives is indeed a commitment—where time, energy and loving intention magically come together to produce the fertile grounds for change.

As the adage says “energy flows where attention goes”. We all have the ability to cultivate a joyful life, rich in experiences that will help us achieve our full potential—if we choose to.

While the sun graces our skies a little longer each day, I encourage you to observe where your attention goes; is it helping the seeds you wish to sow? Adjust as you need to, and spend time getting to know Mother Nature—she’s a great teacher.

Happy Planting,