The NHC Studio is now open at our new location! (1090 Don Mills Rd, suite R002B)

Pilates (all levels)

A functional, whole body workout that uses mindful movement to improve posture, strength and flexibility.  This mat-based class incorporates traditional Pilates sequencing, props and standing postures to create long, lean muscles, a strong core and a stable spine.  Integrating Pilates into your weekly practice can help to prevent injuries through increased joint and fascial mobility. An excellent addition to any training routine! 

Yoga + Pilates Fusion (all levels)

This class fuses Vinyasa sun salutations and flowing asana with core strengthening Pilates and Barre exercise. A creative, challenging, mind body experience rooted in yoga and energized in pilates that will focus on opening up the body with flexibility and mobility as well as strengthening and toning with fun and energetic sequences. 

Find Your Flow (all levels)

Tap into your strength and agility in this unique, vinyasa-based class.  Using creative sequencing, moving meditation and breathwork, students will learn how to access that special place of Flow—where body and mind harmonize, effortlessly.  Developing a regular practice of being present can improve focus, productivity and creativity; allowing you to Find Your Flow with ease, every day. 

Prana Power (all levels)

Fire up your Prana through focussed breathwork, alignment and progressive sequencing. Each posture in this vinyasa-based class is mindfully arranged to bring the body deeper into its length and strength.  You will build physical and emotional confidence with each breath—drawing on your inner power to flow through vigorous movement. This class will leave you feeling strong, certain and capable. 

How-to Hatha (all levels)

This playful, challenging class explores the how and why of postures; which muscles to activate, what it should feel like and the mind-body benefits.  Each class features a variety of delightful stretches followed by a few complementary strengtheners. Students are encouraged to navigate each pose with curiosity and care—find your limit and flow within it.  Suitable for beginners as well as seasoned yogis.

Opposites Attract (all levels)

This Hatha-based class is all about achieving balance through the union of opposites. Students are mindfully guided into postures and breathwork that explore the subtleties of body, mind and spirit.  Working at a slower pace allows muscular strength and stamina to build while also cultivating mental resilience. Each class is an opportunity to re-discover your balance—learning when to hold on, when to let go, and, to trust when everything is just right.

Settle + Soften (all levels)  

Unwind, relax and settle into softness as you move through a nourishing mix of Yin and Restorative asanas.  Begin by gently increasing your flexibility through longer holds that focus on taking the body and mind to a deeper, more subtle level.  Invite in comfort and ease as you move into the stillness of restorative—melting away any tension, stress or expectations. Allowing your nervous system to relax can improve digestion, sleep, mood, and reduce stress.  You will leave this class feeling calm and rested.

Slow meets Flow (all levels)

Challenge your muscles and your mind as you gracefully move through a vinyasa flow at half the usual tempo.  This class will increase both muscular and breath endurance gradually, allowing you to approach each posture with greater awareness.  As you move and groove, you may even begin to notice an increase in patience—one of the many perks from slowing your flow.  

Yoga + Tai Chi Fusion: Motion and Stillness (all levels)

Restore your body's natural life force energy through the grounding practice of Tai Chi combined with the flowing practice of Yoga.  This class uses breathing techniques, flowing movement and contemplation to cleanse, detox and streghten your mind-body connection. Through physical, emotional, verbal and meditative actions you will build a loving relationship with self.

Yin and Yang (all levels)

Balance your Yin & Yang in this unique blend of functional movement and deep stretching.  The strength-based exercises will focus on improving daily mobility—lifting, bending, twisting—while the stretches lengthen the body’s connective tissues through longer holds.  Enjoy increased mobility and a feeling of equilibrium after each class. 

Gentle Yoga (all levels)

Gentle yoga is a blend of functional movement, stretching and strengthening; moving intelligently with breathing, grounding and relaxation techniques. The exercises will focus on improving daily movements like — lifting, bending, rotations, back bending etc—with ease and joy.  Enjoy increased mobility, energy and a feeling of equilibrium after each class.

Yoga + Mindfulness (all levels)

This Hatha-based class is all about achieving balance through mindfulness. Students are mindfully guided into postures and breathwork that explore the subtleties of body, mind and spirit.  Working at a pace which feels right for you, allows strength, stamina and resilience to build naturally.  Mindfulness can reduce stress, improve sleep and productivity!

Shakti Flow (all levels)

Connect with and cultivate a deeper relationship with self, your body, and your heart. This class is a meditative practice that mixes breath-work, meditation, slow steady postures and dynamic active movements. All to get you more into the flow of what's possible in your life.

Core + Restore (all levels)

A strong core can help you improve posture, enhance balance and decrease lower-back pain.  The first half of this class creates heat in the body through yoga-based movements that target the abdomen, back and pelvis.  The latter half focuses on gentle restorative postures, that support your body as it absorbs all of the benefits from the practice.

Restorative (all levels)

Restore your nervous system and renew your life force as you sink into positions of ease and comfort that release all tension held in body, mind or spirit.  Using props, conscious relaxation, mantras and meditation, learn how to access your own innate wisdom and healing abilities.  The deep relaxation experienced in this class will leave you rested, clear and calm.

Chair Yoga (all levels)

This class is practiced sitting in a chair and is designed to support all levels of mobility.  You will cultivate mind-body awareness through gentle postures that improve range of motion and flexibility.  Learn breathing techniques that will soothe your nervous system and help to manage pain or discomfort.  The skills learned in this class can be applied to all areas of your life, to help you find your inner peace.

Meditation and Sleep Therapy (all levels) 

Meditation is the practice of being in stillness—observing what is present in the body or mind and allowing it to just be, without attaching judgement.  This class interweaves breathing techniques with gentle stretching to ease you into stillness. Designed for all levels, you will “sit” for a range of times to build up your practice.  Meditation improves focus, clarity, mood and overall health.

Allow yourself to be guided into stillness (sitting up or lying down) to observe what is present in the body and mind. The Sleep Therapy class combines meditation, guided savasana and breathing techniques to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.  You will leave feeling rested, grounded and peaceful.

Reiki Share (minimum reiki level 1 required)

The Reiki Practice Group class provides you with an opportunity to enhance your reiki skills through working with other reiki students of all levels. Students working on their case studies for the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) membership are welcome.  Whether giving or receiving a reiki healing treatment we all learn and gain insights through our practice and sharing.