Jessica Sewell


Jessica embarked on her yoga journey over ten years ago when she began healing her body, mind and spirit.  

Connecting with her own innate wisdom, Jessica discovered that each of us are here by divine design—structured in unique ways to experience our highest teachings that allow us to feel, grow and evolve.  She weaves this philosophy into her classes, creating a safe space for students to access their own inner light.

The simplicity of conscious breathing and intuitive movement led Jessica into multiple teacher trainings and hundreds of workshops—yoga became one of her most impactful tools for healing. 

Her classes focus on the art of unfolding our many layers, while learning how to surrender to what is present in the process.  Jessica draws out power through intentional intensity; allowing the discomfort of physical conditioning to move you into, and through, areas that may be stuck or resistant.

Whether slow or fast-paced, Jessica’s classes revolve around the connection of breath to body. She emphasizes physical alignment, based on the body’s response to each pose while encouraging students to draw what they need from the experience.  She likes to have fun while still pushing the limits of strength and the ability to soften and be still.  

Jessica hopes that these classes will bring awareness and inspiration to her students’ daily lives.