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Jigna Fadia

Since beginning her formal yoga training, Jigna has advocated for the benefits of slow, intentional practice in creating a more balanced life. She’s worked with seniors, adults, teens, and children in both group and private sessions throughout the community. Her reflective, student-centred practice uses safe and healthy movements as the foundation for everything from reflective writing to chair yoga and meditative walking. After over 1,000 hours of practice, Jigna completed both the Yoga Teacher Training Program and the Graduate Teachers’ Program at the Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto. There she specialized in neuromuscular pathways in yoga and relaxation practice. Under the tutelage of notable teachers such as Mar Jean Olson, Tama Soble, and Monica Voss, Jigna developed a practice based on three simple principles: breathing, grounding, and spine elongation. An inspiring and motivational instructor, she strives to make yoga accessible to everybody, and every body. Born and raised in India, Jigna lived in the Netherlands for nearly a decade, traveled throughout India and Europe, and has enjoyed immersing herself in a variety of cultures.