Professional Supplements

Natural Healing Centre carries several professional Canadian supplement lines exclusive to licensed healthcare providers, that are evidence based and clinically tested to provide you the most effective natural health care products on the market. We have carefully selected herbal, vitamin and mineral formulations that will support stress reduction, neurological support, increased immune system function, balance common deficiencies, and maintain optimal health. Many of these supplements will compliment the therapies offered at NHC and support your healing journey. We are dedicated to holistic healing and the integration and application of nutraceutical science in clinical practice.

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More and more people take daily supplements of these beneficial microorganisms that are probiotics. This is because the health benefits are numerous, while the list of environmental factors that damage our intestinal ecosystem continues to grow. NOVA Probiotics carefully selected its 14 medicinal probiotic strains (live cells) and one prebiotic. This selection was the outcome of many clinical studies to strengthen your immune system and control over common symptoms such as allergies, chronic inflammatory diseases (IBS, Chron's, Ulcerative Colitis, etc.) digestion disorders, bloating, travelers diarrhea, UTIs, Candida, lactose and gluten intolerance, colds and influenza, etc.



Our goal is to provide the best quality, tested raw materials. We have certified organic farmland in Canada’s Okanagan Valley, and whenever possible we grow our own plant-based ingredients. Any raw material we do not produce ourselves is subjected to the highest level of scrutiny to ensure the quality and purity. Our unique formulas meet practitioners’ needs for both condition-specific challenges and overall health enhancement. Our continual commitment to product quality in every stage of production for every product ensures that our products have earned the trust of practitioners and their patients.



The primary goal of NFH is to bridge the gap between the most current evidence-based research and its application in everyday medical practices through nutraceutical products. Our philosophy is borne of the integration of expertise from our Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) and Medical Consultancy Group (MCG), leading global researchers from academic nutrition, medical and naturopathic disciplines, combined with sector experts in the materials, sourcing and manufacturing industries. This combination has yielded a truly unique company, rooted in solid scientific research, put into motion and using raw materials of the highest quality, and backed by industry-leading quality assurance.



Results RNA formulas deliver exceptional benefits. With decades and multi millions invested in research development, Results RNA has achieved monumental scientific breakthroughs; providing superb supplements to help you feel better, achieve your health goals and live a better life. Results RNA formulas represent a new age in supplementation. This is the new science of health.