What our clients are saying…

Thank you Heather and Jessie for organizing such a wonderful workshop on The heart of chanting and sound healing with Shantdeep at NHC. The unique combination of sounds and chanting has been deeply healing and calming for me.
— Jigna F., Client
I had an amazing yoga and mindfulness class this morning. It was such a unique experience! It wasn’t the typical class; you focus on breathing and how things feel. It also focused on proper technique instead of going through the motions. I’ll definitely use what I learned in future classes.

Beautiful clean environment.
— Saoirse H., Client
Heather at the Natural Healing Centre has changed my life. I am not exaggerating in the least bit. With ONE single session of Reiki, my long term anxiety, depression and general unwellness was lifted! I truly felt like I was at peace with myself and was in a state of calm. The best way I can describe it is the feeling that my baseline state of mind is PEACE, whereas in the past, my baseline state was agitation. Slowly, other health challenges have also lessened or subsided. I have been a regular afterwards, but for maintenance and improvement on my well being. Her Hypnotherapy sessions have helped so much as well. YOU’VE GOT TO COME HERE! I tell you, one visit will change your life! I sound like an infomercial but I’m not. I am not being paid nor endorsed to write this review, I just generally want others to experience what I’ve experienced. THANK YOU HEATHER & TEAM!!!!
— Robert F., Client
Don Mills finally has a beautiful yoga studio...and they don’t just offer yoga, but pilates, tai chi and a variety of wellness services. A beautiful space. Highly recommend!
— Megan M., Client
Had a yoga class with Joanne.Very therapeutic and relaxing.Welcoming place.Clean great facilities.
Looking forward to returning.
— sophie p., Client
My experience with Heather has been nothing short of life-changing and saving. I immediately felt like I was at home.
— Kenny, Client
I felt grounded. The lightness I felt was very spiritual and I could really feel the energy between Heather and I.
— Erica, First-Time Reiki Client
My partner and I enjoyed an excellent yoga class with Jessica. She was a wonderful instructor who guided us into deep relaxation. The studio is so clean, fresh, warm and smells amazing. We will be returning weekly for classes. So glad we found a great yoga studio and wellness centre close our home. Thank you!!
— carly n., client
I had an excellent yoga class with Rachel. The new space is beautiful; calm and serene. I hope to return.
— blume a., client
Took a pilates class at the Natural Healing Centre today. Great location in the upscale Shops At Don Mills. Lots of free parking, and a Starbucks next door. The studio is a gorgeous relaxing environment and I was greeted warmly with a smile which is very important to me. Jennifer the pilates instructor was excellent and the class flowed nicely. I will definitely return. Thanks
— Lori w., Client
Hands-down, Natural Healing Centre is THE place to go for Reiki.
— Trevor, Client
The service was great, I never felt so at ease. The supplements you recommend made a huge difference. Thank you.
— Matteo, Client
Had a wonderful meditation class with the beautiful Patricia, it truly was a transformational experience. Through Patricia’s guided meditation I was able to be present, and really go deep and connect with my soul. Thanks Patricia for sharing your gifts!
The location is great, I feel so overjoyed that the Natural Healing Centre is right across the street from home. I will totally be back for meditation, and also to try out other classes! Great facilities!
— Theodora L., Client
I had the pleasure of meeting Heather at the world fitness expo this year. She has been a ray of hope in what I thought was a very dark journey. She’s given me the strength to find my path and has unlocked my inner child. Heather is a phenomenal and very gifted person, She also gives the best hugs! If you haven’t booked a reiki session with her yet, my advice to you is to Book it now.
— Brittany, Client
Heather was so welcoming. She really took her time with me to figure out what would work best for me, helped me synthesize a lot of information I had in my head that I did not know how to understand. Excellent service
— Jose, Client
It was a very warm and welcoming feeling... I am definitely coming back... peace and love.
— Delor, Client

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